World Oral Health Day calls for promoting oral hygiene 

World Oral Health Day calls for promoting oral hygiene 

Every year on March 20, people worldwide unite to celebrate World Oral Health Day, an initiative pioneered by the FDI, World Dental Federation to raise awareness about the significance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Dentists, oral hygienists, and oral health advocates seize the occasion to educate people about the importance of achieving and preserving optimal oral health, using various platforms to discuss preventive measures and treatment options for oral diseases.

Despite its critical role in overall well-being, oral diseases impact approximately four billion individuals globally, as reported by the FDI World Dental Federation.

It is also an occasion to highlight the related statistic and the preventable actions individuals can take to safeguard their teeth and mouths.

Oral diseases can lead to pain, discomfort, social isolation, and a decline in self-confidence, besides causing more severe health complications. Fortunately, most oral health conditions are preventable and treatable when detected early.

The importance of oral hygiene has been acknowledged by diverse cultures throughout history. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations recognized the significance of maintaining oral health, evidenced by historical texts.

In China, for example, by the 1400s, people began using bristles from cold climate pigs for toothbrushes, while in Europe, a mixture of brandy and water with salt was employed for mouth rinsing.

Despite advancements in oral health practices, neglecting proper oral hygiene led to the emergence of oral diseases. Traditional remedies were employed, but it wasn't until 1880 that prophylaxis treatment was introduced to prevent such ailments. Dentists subsequently developed specialized techniques for treating dental and oral conditions.

The FDI played a crucial role in raising awareness about oral health and hygiene. In 2013, their efforts culminated in the establishment of World Oral Health Day, aimed at promoting good oral hygiene on a global scale.

Since its inception, each World Oral Health Day has been themed around specific messages, such as "Healthy Teeth for Healthy Life," to raise awareness about oral hygiene.

This March 20, let's join the global community in commemorating World Oral Health Day. It's an opportunity to enhance our understanding of oral health, adopt positive changes in our oral hygiene habits, and spread awareness to ensure that everyone can enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Together, we can strive towards a world where oral health is prioritized by all.

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