KMDC welcomes new batch at white coat ceremony

KMDC welcomes new batch at white coat ceremony

KARACHI: A White Coat Ceremony was held to formally welcome the new batch of students into the medical profession by Karachi Medical and Dental College (KM&DC), under the Karachi Medical University (KMU).

Following the BDS and MBBS orientation day earlier this year, this ceremony was another milestone in the academic journey of the aspiring professionals.

The event was attended by Principal Professor Dr. Nargis Anjum, Vice Principal Prof. Dr. Sheeraz Hussain, and faculty members.

On the occasion, speakers emphasized the values of compassionate patient care and ethical medical practice, urging the students to uphold the highest standards of integrity, empathy, and excellence throughout their careers.

Students dressed in white coats symbolizing professionalism and trust, recited the Hippocratic Oath for the first time pledging to uphold the principles of healthcare and their responsibilities to patients and society.

Dr Anjum said, "Today, you embark on a journey that demands not only knowledge and skill but also compassion and ethical fortitude. Your white coat symbolizes the trust patients will place in you and the dedication you must demonstrate in return."

The ceremony was also attended by families and friends, cheering as each student received their coat and formally commenced their medical education.

For the students, the ceremony marked the culmination of years of academic pursuit and the beginning of practical clinical training.