EFP honors four periodontists for exceptional work in 2024

EFP honors four periodontists for exceptional work in 2024

BRUSSELS: Four distinguished periodontists were awarded by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) for their exceptional contributions to periodontology and periodontal science in 2024.

Dr. Anton Sculean, a former EFP president and professor at the University of Bern, Switzerland, received the EFP Eminence in Periodontology Award 2024. He also chairs the EFP's Project Committee and will serve as the congress chair of EuroPerio11 in 2025, Vienna.

Dr. Nikolaos Donos, a professor at Queen Mary University of London, was honored with the EFP Distinguished Scientist Award 2024. He leads the EFP's education committee.

Former EFP president Dr. Moshe Goldstein, a professor at Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem, received the EFP Distinguished Service Award 2024. He previously chaired the EFP's post-graduate education committee.

Dr. Mark Bartold, emeritus professor at the University of Adelaide, Australia, was presented with the EFP International Eminence in Periodontology Award 2024.

Simultaneously, the winners of the 2023 Graduate Research Prize were announced, recognizing exceptional research from EFP-accredited graduate programs worldwide.

For clinical research, Lucienne Weigel et al. from the University of Bern won the top prize for their study on dental implants, published in Clinical Oral Implant Research. In pre-clinical research, Konstantinos Kosmidis et al. from the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam claimed first prize for their research on PRF preparations, published in the Journal of Periodontal Research.

Andreas Stavropoulos, chair of the EFP's scientific committee, highlighted the rigorous judging process due to the high quality of submissions, underscoring the EFP's commitment to supporting postgraduate research.

Founded in 1991, the EFP promotes periodontal science and practice globally, advocating for gum health awareness and excellence in periodontal education.