Survey Report: Awareness and Perception of the Pakistan Dental Association (PDA)


Survey Report: Awareness and Perception of the Pakistan Dental Association (PDA)

This online survey conducted by Dental News reflects the current perceptions and awareness levels among dental professionals regarding the Pakistan Dental Association and suggests areas for improvement and potential strategies for increased engagement and effectiveness.


The survey was conducted by distributing a Google Sheet link by Dental News through various WhatsApp groups, Instagram and individual messages. Participants were invited to fill out the survey, ensuring a wide reach and diverse responses.

1. Do you know what PDA stands for?

- Yes: (95%)

- No: (5%)

 2. Is PDA doing something for the betterment of the dental profession?

- Yes: (18.3%)

- No: (81.7%)

 3. Do you want to see Free and Fair Elections Taking place?

- Yes: (98.3%)

- No: (1.7%)

 4. Do you know the name of office bearers of PDA?

- Yes: (28.3%)

- No: (71.7%)

 5. Are you a member of PDA?

- Yes: (46.7%)

- No: (53.3%)

 6. Do you want to be a member of PDA?

- Yes: (73.3%)

- No: (26.7%)

 7. Did you know all dentists in Pakistan are automatically members of PDA?

- Yes: (38.3%)

- No: (61.7%)

 8. Does PDA exist in your city?

- Yes: (55%)

- No: (45%)

 Summary of Findings

1. Awareness of PDA:

   - A high majority of respondents (95%) know what PDA stands for, indicating strong awareness of the association.

2. Perception of PDA's Efforts:

   - Only 18.3% believe that PDA is working towards the betterment of the dental profession, suggesting a significant gap in perception or communication regarding PDA's initiatives.

3. Desire for Democratic Processes:

   - There is an overwhelming desire (98.3%) for free and fair elections within the association, highlighting the importance of transparent and democratic processes to the respondents.

4. Knowledge of Office Bearers:

   - A large portion of respondents (71.7%) do not know the names of the office bearers, indicating a potential area for improvement in communication and visibility of PDA leadership.

5. Membership Status:

   - Less than half of the respondents (46.7%) are members of PDA, while a slightly higher number (73.3%) expressed a desire to be members, indicating potential for growth in membership if addressed properly.

6. Automatic Membership Knowledge:

   - Many respondents (61.7%) were unaware that all dentists in Pakistan are automatically members of PDA, suggesting a need for better information dissemination.

7. Local Presence of PDA:

   - More than half (55%) confirmed that PDA exists in their city, but a significant 45% were unaware of its local presence, highlighting a need for stronger local engagement.

The survey reveals a strong awareness of PDA among dental professionals but also highlights significant areas for improvement, particularly in communication, visibility, and local engagement. By addressing these issues, PDA can enhance its effectiveness and better serve the dental community in Pakistan.


- Improve Communication: PDA should enhance its communication strategy to better inform members and non-members about its initiatives, achievements, and the role of its office bearers.

- Increase Visibility: Efforts should be made to increase the visibility of PDA's leadership and their contributions to the dental profession.

- Membership Drive: With a high interest in membership, PDA should consider targeted campaigns to convert interest into active membership.

- Awareness Campaign: A campaign to educate dentists about their automatic membership and the benefits of PDA could improve engagement and participation.

- Local Engagement: Strengthening local chapters and their activities could ensure better presence and involvement at the grassroots level.


The results of this survey are based on the responses received through the distributed Google Sheet link. Dental News does not claim that the sample is fully representative of the entire dental community. The data reflects the perceptions and awareness of those who chose to participate.