Committee to analyse new Covid-19 variant

Committee to analyse new Covid-19 variant

LAHORE: A committee has been formed by the Punjab health department for the analysis of the novel coronavirus variant, and recommend measures to curb its spread in the province.

As per a notification issued by the department, the committee, based in Lahore, is tasked with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the new coronavirus strain. The findings and recommendations of this committee will be submitted to the Punjab government for further action.

The notification says that the diagnostic process for the new variant will rely on the available test kits in Punjab, focusing on determining the coronavirus's prevalence among patients in the province.

The health department added that any alterations in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for managing the coronavirus will be made in the light of the committee's assessment.

The head of the Pathology Committee at Mayo Hospital will oversee this process.

The notification further says the committee is expected to promptly provide recommendations to the Punjab government regarding the management and strategies pertaining to the coronavirus situation in the province.