Sensitizing women about oral health, menopause link 

Sensitizing women about oral health, menopause link 

A majority of women are unaware of the possible connection between menopause and oral health, reveals Delta Dental's 2023 Senior Oral Health and Menopause Report, highlighting the longstanding stigma surrounding menopause and the resultant neglect of its symptoms.

The report, released recently, mentions a whopping 84pc of women aged 50 and above are oblivious to the potential correlation between oral health symptoms and menopause, indicating a significant knowledge gap among women regarding this crucial aspect of their health.

The survey, which included over 1,000 women, exposed that 70pc of those experiencing menopausal symptoms reported encountering various oral health issues. Astonishingly, only a tiny fraction - a mere 2pc - had discussed these concerns with their dentist, and an even smaller percentage, just 1pc, with their dental hygienist.

Sarah Chavarria, President at Delta Dental, commenting on the findings, says: "These findings are stark but unsurprising. Despite the knowledge gaps revealed in this survey, sentiments about menopause are beginning to shift, and women are eager to break the stigma."

The survey enumerated a list of oral health symptoms commonly associated with menopause, including dry mouth, receding gumlines, tooth sensitivity or pain, and others. However, a significant portion of respondents failed to recognize these symptoms as potentially linked to hormonal changes. For instance, while 39pc reported experiencing dry mouth, a staggering 77pc were unaware of its association with menopause.

Despite the prevailing lack of awareness, nearly half of the surveyed women expressed curiosity about understanding the impact of menopause on oral health as they age. Moreover, upon learning about the connection between menopause and oral health care, respondents showed a willingness to take action, with 77pc intending to prioritize scheduling their next dental exam/cleaning and 43pc plan to dedicate more time to their oral health care routine.

These responses indicate a growing awareness and readiness among women to address the often-overlooked intersection of menopause and oral health.

Delta Dental reaffirms its commitment to promoting comprehensive care that integrates oral health into overall well-being, particularly in the context of menopause. By encouraging open dialogue and education, progress can be made to ensure accessible treatment plans for all individuals going through this phase of life.