PDA Chakwal bestows 'President Emeritus' title on Dr Arshad Malik

PDA Chakwal bestows 'President Emeritus' title on Dr Arshad Malik

CHAKWAL: The Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) Chakwal, following its general body election, conferred the title of ‘President Emeritus’ on Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik for his exceptional services to the association and the healthcare sector at large, at a ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by renowned dental professionals including Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik, Dean of HBS Dental College Islamabad, along with Dr. Ghulam Kibriya, Dr. Shafi Ul Zamaan, and Dr. Javaid Malik.

The proceedings began with warm greetings from the former general secretary Dr. Ehtesham Naseer, followed by recitation of the Holy Quran by Dr. Wajid Hussain.

During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik was honored with the title of President Emeritus in recognition of his invaluable contributions to the field of dentistry. This honor, proposed by Dr. Ehtesham and unanimously approved by the assembly, underscored Prof. Malik's exemplary leadership and dedication.

Under Prof. Arshad Malik's expert supervision, the election process was conducted in a smooth, fair and transparent manner.

Following the election process, the results were announced, revealing the new office bearers including Dr. Ehtesham Naseer, who was elected as president, Dr. Arshad Mehmood Malik (Kalarkahar) as general secretary, and Dr Shehzada Saqib as Vice President, among others.

It was unanimously decided that senior members would perpetually remain part of the association’s executive body, so that there guidance and expertise continue to enrich the association.

In his inaugural address, President Dr. Ehtesham Naseer reiterated his commitment to serving the community and supporting fellow members. He pledged to organize educational initiatives and clinical events, promoting professional growth within the association.

Dr. Arshad, the newly appointed general secretary, vowed to improve the profile of PDA Chakwal, extending its outreach across the province and beyond through collaborative efforts.

The title of President Emeritus is accorded to individuals who have display exceptional commitment and make substantial contributions to the institution, through the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, civic responsibility, vision, and leadership.

Upon receiving this title, Dr. Arshad expressed profound humility and gratitude towards the entire assembly, particularly acknowledging President Dr. Ehtesham for the nomination and proposal of the resolution. "I am deeply humbled by this recognition," remarked Dr. Arshad. "It is a testament to the collective efforts and camaraderie within our esteemed organization. I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside dedicated colleagues and juniors."