HDC holds hands-on workshop on dental implants for faculty

HDC holds hands-on workshop on dental implants for faculty

KARACHI: The Hamdard Dental College (HDC) recently organized a day-long hands-on workshop on dental implants, conducted by Prof Dr. Abrar, Head of the Operative Department and FCPS Supervisor, for its faculty.

This comprehensive workshop aimed to improve the skills and knowledge of both senior and junior faculty members, as well as FCPS trainees.

Under the expert guidance of Prof Dr Abrar, alongside co-supervisors including Prof. Dr. Nadeem Hafeez, Dr. Ayesha Basir, Dr. Omer Khayam, Dr. Mehwish Saqib, Dr. Mehmil Aslam, Dr. Zohaib, Dr. Hina Khan, and Dr. Fariha Irfan, the workshop explored the intricate details of dental implant procedures.

Coordinated by Dr. Sehar Ahmed, the workshop commenced with an in-depth lecture by Prof Dr. Abrar, followed by a series of demonstrations and hands-on sessions, providing the participants with practical learning and invaluable insights into the latest techniques and advancements in dental implantology.

Sponsored by Biodent, the workshop provided a platform for collaborative learning and skill enhancement, entirely complimentary for all participants. The dedication of the faculty members, as well as the support of Principal Dr. Imran, were duly acknowledged, for professional development within the institution.

The event ended with a ceremony honoring the participants' achievements, with shields and certificates distributed as tokens of appreciation and a lunch.