AKUH sensitizes community on World Oral Health Day

AKUH sensitizes community on World Oral Health Day

KARACHI: The Dental Hygiene Programme at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), Karachi, marked World Oral Health Day with an array of community engagement activities on the main campus, supported by industrial partner Protect.

Under the guidance of Programme Director Dr. Ali Sadiq, the initiative aimed to raise awareness about oral health among diverse segments of the AKUH community, including AKU Medical College faculty and students, Faculty of Arts and Sciences students and staff, administrative personnel, patients, attendants, children visiting AKUH, as well as staff members from different departments.

The AKUH team of dental hygienists and dental hygiene students reached out to a total of 436 individuals, educating them about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene through various sessions designed to empower them with knowledge about oral health.

In his address on the occasion, Dr. Sadiq remarked, "Our celebration of World Oral Health Day underscores our commitment to promoting a culture of oral health awareness within our AKUH community, and the invaluable partnership with Protect has significantly contributed to our efforts."

He said the AKUH dental hygiene programme, with the vital support of Protect, is promoting oral health awareness and positively impacting the lives of the community members it serves within the campus. Through collaborative efforts, the programme continues to play a vital role in improving oral health outcomes and fostering a healthier community environment, he added.