Intra-class poster contest at KMDC

Intra-class poster contest at KMDC

Karachi Medical and Dental College (KM&DC), under Karachi Medical University (KMU), recently hosted an engaging "Intra-class Poster Competition" for 3rd-year BDS students. Organized by the Department of Oral Pathology, the competition focused on the theme "Investigation Techniques Used to Diagnose Oral Pathologies."

Led by Dr. Mehwash Kashif, Head of the Department of Oral Pathology and facilitated by demonstrators Dr. Shiraz Abbas, Dr. Maryam Akhlaq, and Dr. Sanobar Naveed, the event showcased the academic prowess and investigative skills of the participants. 

Eight groups, each comprising 12 students, presented extensive research on various radiological, laboratory, and immunological techniques crucial for diagnosing oral and systemic pathologies.

The judging panel, including Dr. Sana Adeeba Islam, Head of Community Dentistry, and Dr. Affan Ahmad, Head of the Department of Dental Materials, meticulously evaluated the posters based on their scientific merit and presentation quality.

Dr. Mehwash Kashif lauded the dedication of the participants and the support from the faculty. Prof. Dr. Syed Sheeraz Hussain, Head of Dentistry, commended the competition's impact and encouraged future collaborations among different departments within dentistry.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates by Prof. Dr. Syed Sheeraz Hussain and other senior faculty members, appreciating the position holders, judges, facilitators, and all participating students.

The event not only promoted academic excellence but also promoted collaboration and innovation among budding dental professionals, setting a precedent for future educational endeavors at KM&DC.