Oral hygiene session at Pakistan Navy Cadet College Ormara

Oral hygiene session at Pakistan Navy Cadet College Ormara

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistan Navy Cadet College Ormara recently organized an informative session on the importance of oral hygiene.

On the invitation by Principal Commodore Fazal Ur Rehman, Consultant Oral Surgeon Dr. Hera Nadeem attended the session as the guest speaker.

The session was attended by cadets and college faculty, including the vice principal.

During the session, Dr. Hera emphasized the often-underestimated role of oral hygiene in daily life, observing that poor oral health can lead to severe consequences beyond just cavities or bad breath.

She highlighted the links between oral health and conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, stressing that neglecting oral hygiene can result in expensive dental treatments.

Dr. Hera advised adoption of simple practices like regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits to maintain good oral hygiene, prevent dental problems, and lead healthier lives.

The cadets actively participated during the session, which concluded with Lieutenant Commander Humera thanking Dr. Hera for her enlightening talk. She was presented a shield of appreciation on behalf of the college principal.