Federal Medical & Dental college begins hiring

Federal Medical & Dental College starts faculty hiring

Islamabad: The Principal of Federal Medical and Dental College (FMDC) - Professor M Zaheer Abbasi had written to the Prime Minister, last year, to inform him about the serious shortage of faculty in various departments and complain about the inadequate infrastructure and equipment. He requested the prime minister's intervention for early rectification of these deficiencies, which are threatening the operations of the institution.

The FMDC is the only only government-run medical educational institution in Islamabad, which is facing a faculty shortage.

According to earlier media reports, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council had banned new admissions to the college due to some ‘gross’ infrastructure and faculty deficiencies.

According to sources, the college is now hiring; professors, associate professors, assistant professors and demonstrators both on merit and on provincial quota. Overall, five professors (BPS-20) of physiology, pharmacology, forensic medicine, anatomy and community medicine, six associate professors (BPS-19) of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, forensic medicine, pharmacology and community medicine, three assistant professors (BPS-18) of anatomy, biochemistry and pharmacology, and four demonstrators (BPS-17) will be employed soon.

In response to the new hiring and addition of facilities at the campus, the institution expects the PMDC to lift the ban on new admissions.